Thursday, July 2, 2015

Valenites 2015

Valentine's Day in our family has always been special so why not write about it! Pailate wanted to do little robots for his class party so we made them during our FHE together. His teacher and his classmates loved them! I am not creative at all, so thank you Pinterest :) We spent this love day as a family and just had dinner together. I ended up making Kauasi is favorite treats and he bought me my favorite flowers, lilies! We gave the kids small gifts and my sister drop by with gifts for them as well. It's such an exaggerated holiday, but we love participating!
Pailate and his robots!

"I'm nuts and bolts about you"

Valentine's lunch!

We bought these two cool new books!

My valentine's favorite: White chocolate dipped strawberries & pretzels.

Home-made treats!

Lilies :)

Kauasi's 24th!

Kauasi turned the BIG 2-4 in January. Wow so old! Lol. He always wants a simple birthday with nothing really but the kids and I don't let him off that easy :) We spent the day as a family and ended our night singing to the birthday boy and opening presents.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Pailate turns 6!

This post is long overdue but oh well,

Pailate turned 6 in January and was very excited. He woke up that morning and texted his two favorite cousins Lamoni and Elway that is was his birthday. Lol. He spent his morning with his dad and sister then his afternoon at school with his friends. He wanted to bring cupcakes and capri sun to his class and they sang to him and made him cards. After school we picked up his two favorite cousins and went to a jump house and had one of Pailate's favorite meals, beef nachos. We played different games with the kids, such as bingo, and then sang happy birthday!
Birthday breakfast!

Birthday boy :)


Birthday boy with the prettiest hair. Lol!


Kindergarten Grad!

Pailate has done so amazing this year in Kindergarten and I could not be more proud. I used to think 'oh Kindergarten is so easy' or 'All kids do good in Kinder' but that is so not the case. Their curriculum is so important and well thought out that it is extremely challenging. Pailate was 1 of 5 Kinders out of 92 who received high honor roll the entire year. That my friend, is something to be dang proud of!! Watching Pailate excel and succeed has been one of my highlights this year. Before the year ended we received a letter for Pailate to attend the gifted and talented program that is also dual-immersion spanish. As a mother I was terrified and didn't want Pailate to be overwhelmed because he would be learning spanish on top of being 10 steps ahead of all other 1st graders. Pailate is such a go-getter who continues to want to challenge himself, so it was a no brainer for him. He definitely wanted to do the program. So next year Pailate will be going to that program and I'm still scared but excited for him!
Received a medal for reading over 3500 minutes this year :)

#1 Papa and babysitter!

Aunty Kamie and Malone with the grad :)

Proud parents!

Pailate & Christian :)

We love Aunty Linky!

Pailate and his biggest fan!

Aunty Alysha made all the tassels and put together the caps :)

Our grad!

Mrs. Bickmore, we love her!

Weston (who will be in the GT program as well), Pailate, Duda, cousin Lamoni!

Cousins :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


This past Sunday at church the Relief Society President (secretly) asked the husbands of the ward to write something special to their wives. She gave them a card and an envelope and those simple instructions. When I got home from work Monday there was a card on the counter with the word 'Music' written on the outside. Reading my husband's beautiful words to me made me feel so loved and appreciated. When he told me Sis. Grow (The RS President) instructed the husband's of the ward to do this it made me happy. She's the perfect President!

Music is powerful beyond measure, it's endless!
It can change the world and even change
the perspective of ones judgement and 
close minded thoughts.
It brings joy to a depressing life and can 
light a very dark place.
Imagine life without music….
It's almost too plain and bitter to even
It's life with no emotion and no imagination.
It's life without purpose.
Beautiful, you're music…my music!
You bring life to my life and 
I'm forever in tuned with your rhythm.
I love music!

K. Lomu

Friday, December 26, 2014

7th anniversary!

This past Monday Kauasi and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary. I still can't believe its been that long. We originally planned to go to Park City for a few nights but when the time actually came all we wanted to do was stay home and RELAX! We are seriously so busy ALL the time, it gets annoying lol. Kauasi's job is so demanding and he spends a lot of time serving in his church calling and I'm busy with school and my two jobs so life is just crazy. When it came down to actually celebrating, laying in bed watching movies while stuffing our faces sounded perfect! Lol. So we did just that, and it really was perfect! Of course the children joined us so we relaxed as one big happy family!

 This year we decided to do $20 gifts and I kind of had something in mind before we even decided that so I didn't follow by the rules. Lol. I bought Kauasi a watch and had it engraved to say "To 7 years of happiness, I'll always love you". Seven is our favorite number so I had to do something extra special for him! Kauasi actually followed the rules (for once) and gave me some very thoughtful gifts: letters, my fav chick flicks, and one of my fav pics together. I like the things I keep forever so I his gift was perfect for me!

The kids were dressing up the whole night doing dances for us and pretty much acting like themselves. Lol. It was a fun relaxing evening and I'm so glad we didn't go out. Hooray to another anniversary in the books, I couldn't be more in love with my husband, our life, and especially our two little ones!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Spirit Week

Pailate had his very first spirit week at school and he had so much fun participating every day. Their spirit week focused on teaching the students to be active and drug free. Pailate had a lot of questions about drugs and I answered them as best as I could. Pailate is such a bright kid, I know he will stay on the right track throughout life.

Monday: Career Day (dress up as what you want to be when you grow up)
                     Pailate wants to be a police officer or a he dressed up as an FBI agent.

Tuesday: Pajama day

Wednesday: Crazy hair day- Pailate won the craziest hair prize!

Thursday: Sports day- Pailate wore his baseball clothes that day, but I didn't get to snap a picture.

Friday: School spirit day- Kauasi claims that Pailate has no black and clothes so he didn't dress up.              Boo!